Recommended at least twice a year. A full strip of your bicycle and all it’s components. Then reassembled with everything tuned to get the maximum performance from your bicycle.


Bike wash
Degrease & clean
Frame inspection
Brake check and adjustment
Gear check and adjustment
Torque check
Tyre condition and pressure set
Lubrication of drive chain
Lubrication of pivot points (MTB)
Lubrication of cables
Wheels tensioned and trued
Chain removed and degreased
Cassette removed and degreased
Headset bearings checked and adjusted
Headset stripped, cleaned and greased
Hub bearings checked and adjusted
Removal and regrease of seat post
Chainset removed, regreased and torqued
Bottom bracket removed, threads cleaned, regreased and torqued Pedals
removed, threads cleaned, regreased and torqued
Hubs stripped, cleaned and greased
Alignment of dropout derailleur hanger
Road test
Workshop report and future advisories

VAT included on all services

At extra cost:

Front suspension fork service
Rear suspension service