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Bike repair in Jaddah
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Firstly at Proservice, we pride ourselves with our ability to provide our customers a headache free high quality maintenance and tune up service. We will collect and then deliver back to you, after that your bike is ready to go!

We also have a temperature controlled storage facility, where we can look after your bike and have it ready for you to ride at moments notice.

Ride as much or as little...

Eddy Merckx

Who we are
Professional bike repair team


Paul Spooner

Paul leads the team at Proservice, he has a long history in many sports and has worked at the highest level in professional cycling, preparing bicycles for the UCI World Championships and World Cups. He has a lifelong love of all things cycling.



Jojo is our number 1 mechanic, he is well known in the cycling community in Saudi both as an passionate cyclist and perfectionist in his work.



Anwar is in charge of our bike repair office in Jeddah and will be your point of contact regarding all bookings. In conclusion, he is there for all your customer service needs, a helpful and hard working man.

Bike repair in Jeddah
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